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I = Intention (= goal, what do you want? where do you want to go?) [Make a module under this that is called GOAL or something similar that is relevant to this part of the course.]

N = Noticing (= presence, inner listening, inner guidance)

V = Vehicle ( = catalyst = spark = instigation = how)

I = Incentive / Impetus (synonym for motivation, your why)

N = Noise (what’s holding you back? «apekatter», self-defeating mantras e.g. I can’t)

C = Compassion / Coping (= self-compassion, light path)

I = Installation (= PSRE, simulation - ev dark path)

B = Boosting (= momentum, resolve)

L = Learning (= harvesting)

E = Experience (= mastery?, use what you’ve learned to feed your goal, develop, grow, reflect, adjust your goal, strengthen your resolve, «hermeneutic spiral», flexibility, snowball effect, incremental learning)

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